Work your way

No more I.T. constraints

Work anywhere, on any device.
All your normal programs, all your normal files, all backed up & secure. But none of your normal headaches.

And no crazy price tag.

First, we learn how you work

  • What do you do?
  • Who’s in your team?
  • How do you work together?
  • What does your system look like?
  • How is it causing you grief ?
  • What programs do you use?
  • How much data do you store?
Geek speak

Then we put your entire system in the cloud

All your programs, all your files. Everything. (Or just a few things, if you prefer. It’s completely up to you.) All on our secure servers.

Microsoft Office, Outlook, Exchange Server, MYOB, whatever… If we don’t already have a licence, we buy it. We can even help you improve your system if you want us to. We have years of IT experience and we know all the latest and greatest technologies.

And you login and work exactly how you normally do

A week after you give us the go-ahead, we’ll send everyone on your team a username and password for cloudnetworks.com.au/login. When they log in, they’ll see all their normal programs, systems and data, just like on their own computer now. They can just get to work.

Wherever you are, on any device

You’ll no longer be shackled to your desk at work. Work anywhere with an internet connection, on absolutely any device too. Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Windows phone, Chromebook…

It's fast, secure & safely backed up

If you’re on a broadband connection, you probably won’t notice any real difference in speed. (Ask for a free trial to see for yourself.) We’ll back up your data every 3 hours, and mirror your backups to our second Australian data centre in a different geographical location.

We maintain it all & support you with gusto

If it breaks, we fix it. If it needs a new server or software licence, we buy it. If it needs an update, we install it. If you have a problem, we resolve it. If we see a way to work smarter, we suggest it. And you don’t pay a single extra cent. It’s all part of your flat monthly fee.

All for a flat monthly fee,with no lock-in contract

You pay a flat fee per user. No hidden costs. Your investment depends on your system – what programs you use and how much data you have.

Tech-support for anything else too

We can provide tech-support for anything – not just your Cloud Networks system. On-site computer fixes, new PCs, domain name registration, new software licences, general IT research, SSL certificates… Whatever you need help with, just give us a call, and we’ll take care of it. Obviously that’s not included in your flat monthly fee, but we’ll quote before we do anything, and it’ll be reasonable. Just as importantly, you’ll never need to call anyone else for tech support again!

Call 1300 208 155

for a quote and a FREE trial.

The technical explanation

Plain english

We replicate your current system on our servers

When we say, “We put your entire system in the cloud”, what we mean is we’ll replicate your system on our servers. We install all the programs you’re currently using, copy across all your data, and give you access to it all via a login.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to work the same as you normally do. You’ll see a Windows desktop, with all your normal programs, and you’ll open and use those programs just as you do now. The only difference is the programs are installed on our servers, whereas, at the moment, you’re using programs installed on your own computer or servers. And you’ll be saving data to our servers rather than your local file system or network.


Windows applications only

We can only run Microsoft Windows and Windows programs on our servers. We can’t run Linux or OS X, so if you use any Linux or Mac applications that are critical to your current system, Cloud Networks may not be the solution for you (unless you’re open to Windows alternatives).
Any applications that run on Windows (or even DOS) should be fine.


Devices you can work on

Once we’ve set up your system in the cloud, you’ll be able to work on virtually any device. Your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone, and, of course, your PC or Mac (whether desktop or laptop).
All you need is a steady internet connection and the Citrix client plugin (Citrix Receiver) installed.

The Citrix Receiver is a small application that will connect you to your Cloud Networks Environment. You only need to install and configure it once on each device you use. Once installed, simply run it up, enter the details of your Cloud Networks Environment (we’ll supply them) and you’re good to go. You can just log in and get to work!

(You can download the Citrix Receiver from our website for PCs and Macs, and from the App Store or Google Play Store for mobile.)


Technical information we’ll need from you in order to quote

Before we do anything, we’ll ask you some questions about your current system, so we know exactly what we’ll be replicating on our servers:

  • Your Internet connection details – Who is your ISP and how reliable is your connection? We’ll also perform some speed tests and real-world tests to confirm our system will work fine for you.
  • How many users you have – Both physical and virtual users (e.g. info@yourdomain.com.au).
  • The applications each user runs on your current system – Any application, big or small, your staff use. This tells us whether your new system will need to accommodate databases (and, if so, how many) and what software licensing we’ll need to sort out. It also tells us whether we need to liaise with any third parties to ensure we understand each application, how to set it up and how to migrate your data across.
  • Your current storage requirements – How much data do you currently have stored on your existing system? This includes your files, your mailboxes and any databases you run.
  • Domain name registrar details – Who is your domain name (URL) registered with? And what are your login details with that company? This will allow us to change your MX (email) records at the time of migration (so your email is routed through our servers).
  • Any additional applications or features you’d like in your new system.

Don’t worry, if there’s anything you can’t answer, we’ll normally be able to figure it out by remotely connecting to your current system and liaising with third parties.


Migrating to Cloud Networks

We’ll create your new Cloud Networks system in parallel with your current system. This includes all applications, mailboxes, user profiles and unique configurations for each individual login as required. There’s absolutely no disruption; everyone can continue working on your side, as per usual.

To begin with, we won’t transfer any data. The first step is to ensure everything works as it should. Once it’s all set up and we think it’s working fine, we’ll give you all the logins you need, and ask you to confirm that all your applications and the configuration are correct. After you log in, everything should look and function pretty much the same as it does on your current system, so you probably won’t need any help with this stage. But if you do, we’ll give you some hands-on training.

We’ll then start syncing your data to our cloud, and once it’s all synced, we’ll schedule a date for everyone to stop using the old system and start using the new.


How you’ll work with your new system

Because we’re simply replicating your old system on our servers, the only real difference in the way you work will be that you’ll have to log in to access it. Once you’re logged in, everything will look and function pretty much as it does now. All your applications, your folder structure, and so on.

To log in:

  • From a PC or Mac, you’ll simply open a browser, go to www.cloudnetworks.com.au, click Login and enter the login details we provide.
  • From a mobile device, you’ll just open the Citrix Receiver app and tap your Cloud Networks Environment to get to work.

If you have any peripheral devices connected to your computer (e.g. a printer), you’ll be able to use them just as you normally do.



Your monthly fee will include the licence fee for most – if not all – of your software. But if that’s not possible or practical (e.g. with MYOB), you can continue to pay for the licence yourself, and we won’t bundle that particular licence cost into your monthly fee.


Data Centres

All our servers and backups are located in data centres based in the central and western areas of the Adelaide CBD. The premises are owned by a third party data centre operator, and we have long-term lease with them.

These data centres comprise 150 square metres of server racks, raised floors, closed-control air-conditioning, and uninterruptible conditioned power, backed by diesel generator and gas fire suppression systems.


Software security

The software security arrangements we have in place to protect software and data integrity include:

  • Antivirus software at the gateway, proxy, email, mail server, data servers and individual cloud desktop level.
  • LDAP or Active Directory security policy, consisting of regular password changes, and complexity rules to ensure zero password re-use.
  • Each customer-facing system (e.g. cloud desktop) is restricted in what can be installed and what cannot. All cloud desktops are part of our managed service and software can only be installed by authorised Cloud Networks employees.
  • Customers who browse the internet using a web browser installed on our servers are protected by: anti-phishing, anti-virus and anti-spyware software; and web filters blocking hackers, viruses and pornographic sites. Additional filters are available if you need to further lock down security.
  • Firewalls are in place on outer and inner perimeters of the network.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are in place to inspect every packet of traffic entering and exiting the Cloud Networks system for malicious data.
  • Protocol controls are in place to ensure peer-to-peer applications (such as bittorrent) and malicious, protocol-specific code are blocked.
  • Attack blockers are in place to help prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the Cloud Networks infrastructure.
  • All network management and system administration of Cloud Networks is restricted to only 2 remote locations. This is restricted at the outer and inner firewalls.
  • All traffic is reported on and is reviewed on a regular basis for irregularities.
  • Regular network separation of our primary and secondary data centres is conducted to ensure if a security alarm is encountered the issue is isolated.
  • 24/7 systems monitoring is in place for each individual server and system, to ensure if there is an unscheduled outage at any time, we are notified and are able to respond rapidly.

The above security arrangements are underpinned by a comprehensive range of systems, procedures and protocols to ensure that industry best practices are employed.

When discussing security, it is important to understand that it is not possible to create a totally impervious environment. However, we have employed a level of security that is considered best practice in the industry, and is continuously being reviewed and improved.




  • Daily and monthly backups of our entire cloud environment.
  • Daily backups stored for 1.5 months.
  • Monthly backups stored for 60 months (5 years).
  • All backups stored locally at our primary data centre and transported offsite to a secure location monthly.
  • Daily replication of critical data to a secondary datacentre in case of a disaster.
  • 3-hourly snapshots of files during business hours.
  • Success monitoring of each backup, sync or replication.



  • ‘Back to base’ backup or data sync, which backs up or sync files stored on our environment to a computer stored externally (e.g. your premises). While we can’t be responsible for the server at the other end, in this scenario, as it’s not under our control, we can advise whether the backup succeeded or failed.
  • Regular reporting of current files on your cloud system so you can compare against the files on your local server.
  • Changes to the above as desired.



All system support is included in your monthly fee. This includes:

  • Email support – You’re encouraged to lodge all support related queries via an email to our help desk system (support@cloudnetworks.com.au). Support requests lodged this way are automatically entered into our support system and enjoy the fastest response times.
  • Phone support – You’re welcome to call our support line (1300 208 155) which is staffed by an operator from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday ACST. We have staff on call after hours for any emergencies that may arise.

If you need help with a technical problem outside of the Cloud Networks Environment, we can help with that too. (e.g. an issue with your local desktop computer or you’d like help identifying the best software for a new business process)

In most cases we’ll review the problem initially, and if deemed out of scope (not part the Cloud Networks Environment), we’ll provide a quote and an estimated time to complete.


Who owns the data stored on our servers?

Your data is owned by you. We merely host it. We’ll happily hand it back upon demand or at the conclusion of the service contract period.


Terms of service

For further detailed information on our terms, please see our Terms of Service page.