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About Me – Perry Klinger

About Me – Perry Klinger

My name is Perry Klinger.

I’m not the usual computer nerd!

YES! I’m passionate about anything technology based (Built my first computer at 5 years old),
but I also enjoy getting my hands dirty outside, working in the garden or on a farm.

I was born in South Australia and grew up with the beach and river in Goolwa.
Later relocated to the Adelaide Foothills and then more recently to the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

When I’m not over indulging in technology, I’m usually catching up with Family and Friends or in the kitchen cooking.

I enjoy helping people, giving assistance and sourcing solutions to their questions or issues, IT related or not.

I’m excited to be on-board with an awesome team and company, Hope to speak to you soon.

Perry Klinger

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