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About Me – Damon Joseph

About Me – Damon Joseph

My name is Damon Joseph.

I’ve been mucking around with computers from an early age.

From removing HEX headers to break into and play password protected games to accidentally formatting my Mum’s new x486 computer, computers have been a constant interest I’ve never been able to put down.

Growing up in Port Lincoln, I was heavily into sport, fishing and camping. This has continued somewhat since moving to Adelaide after finishing high school to study further. My tertiary education is not really worth mentioning as it is a little chequered whilst I was procrastinating about what I wanted to do work wise. Once I found IT certifications, things changed for the better.

Right now, I’m into long distance running and trekking and have in the last few years completed a couple personal achievements. Everest Base Camp probably being the most notable as well as various hikes including a volcano and a 100km non stop hike through the Adelaide hills. The Kokoda trail is in my sights for the next personal challenge.

If I wasn’t ‘working’ (a term I use loosely) I’d be travelling and listening to the heaviest metal music I can find. I’m very sociable and like to be around people most of the time whether work, rest or play. My wife and 3 children are very much the same. Err, except the heavy metal part, yea, that’s just me.

Systems and processes is what gets me going, but keeping them simple and reliable. Cloud Networks is an outlet for this and it has become somewhat of a platform for our team to get paid to learn new things and apply the knowledge to those who want it.

If you have any tunes you think are worth listening to, then link me up!

All the Best,

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