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How to Install Citrix Receiver for Mac

How to Install Citrix Receiver for Mac

  1. Visit and click login at the top right of the screen and enter in your credentials.
  2. If this is the first time logging in to the Cloud Portal from this computer then you may see a screen like the one below.
    If you don’t see the screen as below then click here.
  3. Click INSTALL
  4. Once pressed you will see a file downloading at the bottom left of your screen if using Chrome or at the top right if you are using Safari. The file is called Citrix online plug-in (web).dmg

  5. Right click the downloaded file and choose Open. You will see two files as per below
  6. Right Click “Install Citrix Receiver” and choose Open

  7. Run through the Install Wizard by Pressing Continue and agreeing to its terms
  8. At the Installation stage if prompted enter your Apple Mac Administrator logins.
  9. Once the install has completed successfully, navigate back to your browser that you used to visit
  10. You’ll see a page like the one below, Click Continue

  11. You may be required to log back in, if so then login with your Cloud Networks username and password.
  12. Once logged in go ahead and click on your Cloud Desktop or Cloud App. That’s it – all done!
    If you have any issues please feel free to contact support.
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